Lead Designer

Project Scope
Brand design, Logo design, Color palette,
Editorial design

Artbando is a creative brand that creates a platform for creatives, including artists, designers, and more. Artbando has been having a problem with engagement and brand recognition. Artbando needs better branding to increase engagement and brand recognition.

In crafting the brand identity for ArtBando, I carefully curated font selections that harmonize with the overall aesthetic, achieving a blend of modernity and current design trends. The outcome is a unified and visually captivating brand presence that encapsulates the essence of creative youth. This endeavor went beyond mere design; it was about forging a unique personality for the brand. Through strategic design decisions, ArtBando now stands out, appealing to both seasoned artists and those seeking a vibrant and inspiring event experience. The brand is now positioned as welcoming a welcoming community for creatives and alike. This overall brand shift has increased online engagement by more than 1/3 and increased brand loyalty. 
 This color palette creates a visual tapestry that captures the diverse and expressive nature of our artistic endeavors. The deep blue provides a sense of stability and depth, while the vibrant orange and fresh green infuse an energetic and youthful vibe. The bold yellow adds a touch of optimism and innovation, while the rich purple and deep red contribute an element of drama correlating to brick work referencing streetwear culture. This carefully curated color palette ensures that our brand visually resonates with the eclectic and dynamic experiences we offer, setting the stage for unforgettable moments in the realms of fashion and music.
In crafting the logo a big thought process is how the brand seeks to be perceived by its audience. As a home for creatives to feel connected to. In this realization, it became clear that the logo should take the form of a house. Turning the company name into an actual house. Showcasing a strong foundation and a home for all creatives to come back to.
By combining Akira Expanded and Helvetica, we strike a perfect balance between bold, avant-garde design and timeless simplicity. Akira Expanded's contemporary and edgy letterforms exude a sense of creativity, mirroring the eclectic talent showcased in our events. Paired with Helvetica, a classic and versatile font, we achieve a clean and modern aesthetic that complements the diverse nature of our creative endeavors. This font combination not only reflects the vibrancy of our fashion shows and music festivals but also communicates a sophisticated and inclusive brand image, ensuring our company stands as a beacon for creativity and cultural expression.
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