I am a designer specializing in graphic design, social media, and branding. I believe in utilizing the fundamentals of design with creativity to make impressionable long-lasting, striking designs. My appreciation for graphic design stems from viewing the world and what makes you stop for those few extra seconds and stand in admiration. From buildings to posters, the concepts of designs can be viewed anywhere. 
I live in Greensboro and attend UNCG for graphic design and computer science. Here I have honed my skills to create amazing captivating designs. Utilizing tools such as the Adobe Suite, to Blender. I am eager to learn and use my skills to aid others.
I am a Graphic Designer and UX/UI designer based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Having grown up in Charlotte I have taken many inspirations from the creative self-starting community. I am passionate about creating equitable designs that create a lasting attachment with the viewer.
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