Lead Designer

Project Scope
Brand design, Logo design, Color palette, Print design

Voltair is a new electric plane courier company. They are new in the industry and need a full brand design that creates of view of trust in the new technology and travel style.​​​​​​​
In conceptualizing the logo for Voltair, the ideology revolves around seamlessly intertwining the symbolic elements of a plane and a lightning bolt, forging a powerful and dynamic visual representation. The fusion of these two iconic symbols serves as a metaphor for the cutting-edge technology and energy efficiency inherent in our electric aircraft. The plane embodies the essence of aviation and travel, while the lightning bolt symbolizes speed, innovation, and the electrifying nature of our eco-friendly propulsion system. Together, they form a cohesive and striking emblem that not only reflects the spirit of our brand but also communicates our commitment to sustainable aviation and forward-thinking progress in the aerospace industry. This logo encapsulates our vision of a future where air travel is not only efficient but also environmentally conscious.
In the pursuit of a distinctive visual identity for our electric airplane company, we have chosen the fonts Akira Expanded and Elektra to encapsulate the essence of innovation, sophistication, and futuristic design. Akira Expanded, with its bold and contemporary characteristics, brings a sense of modernity and forward-thinking to our brand. Its sleek and expansive letterforms mirror the streamlined efficiency of our electric aircraft. Paired with Elektra, a font known for its elegant and refined aesthetics, we achieve a harmonious balance that conveys both technological prowess and a commitment to style. The combination of Akira Expanded and Elektra not only enhances the overall brand image but also communicates our dedication to pushing the boundaries of aviation with a touch of elegance, making our electric airplanes stand out in both performance and design
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